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Robotic Floor Cleaning Machines

The Future of Cleaning When you hear the words “Robotic Floor Cleaning Machine” what do you envision? Most people think of Rumbas – and they’re not completely wrong, merely off scale. Imagine a massive Rumba that’s not only smarter, but faster, more efficient, and has

Four Easy Questions Before Buying Your Floor Cleaning Machine

When deciding to invest in a floor cleaning machine, it is recommended you ask yourself some questions in order to guarantee that you will make the right choice among so many options in the market. FLOOR SCRUBBERS TORONTO has you covered!  By getting answers to

Floor Cleaning Machines & COVID-19

Cleanliness and hygiene has changed in Canada since the COVID-19pandemic. As it relates to floor scrubbers, floor cleaning machinesshould be equipped to both clean & sanitize floors using Hard-surfacedisinfectants in the solution tank. A proper floor cleaning regimen isof great importance, as COVID-19 virus can