Floor Cleaning Machines & COVID-19

Cleanliness and hygiene has changed in Canada since the COVID-19
pandemic. As it relates to floor scrubbers, floor cleaning machines
should be equipped to both clean & sanitize floors using Hard-surface
disinfectants in the solution tank. A proper floor cleaning regimen is
of great importance, as COVID-19 virus can live on surfaces, and can
easily be transferred on our shoes from one place to another. Hence, an
automatic floor scrubber is essential for cleaning airports, food
markets, retail stores, industries, schools, & other large high traffic
areas. We offer home, retail and industrial size machines to keep your
floors cleaned and disinfected in a fraction of the time over
traditional (manual) cleaning methods.


Beyond cleaning, floor scrubber/dryers also dry the floors, which adds
safety to the cleaning process. These machines, therefore, are a very
smart solution for eliminating the spread of COVID-19. Different from a
mop that is used with the same water many times, spreading the dirt and
contamination throughout an area, these machines have two different
tanks, one for clean water with the chemical of your choice and one for
residue water collected, which reduces the risk of COVID-19 contraction.


  1. Use the right chemical/germicidal for the job.
  2. Always keep your machine clean. Especially if you are avoiding
    contamination, do not leave dirt residues on your brushes, pads and
  3. Make sure you maintain your machine well. Squeegees should be
    inspected on a regular basis.