Four Easy Questions Before Buying Your Floor Cleaning Machine

When deciding to invest in a floor cleaning machine, it is recommended you ask yourself some questions in order to guarantee that you will make the right choice among so many options in the market. FLOOR SCRUBBERS TORONTO has you covered!  By getting answers to these questions, you can facilitate the process of finding the best model for your needs. It is much harder to adapt your necessities to the wrong model when you already purchased it. Yikes! Understanding that, let’s consider:

Floor Cleaning Machine Questions

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  1. Amount of traffic in the area to be cleaned?
    Some high traffic areas would make the cleaning process impossible during business hours. However, in some locations it would be even harder to have the cleaning done after a working day. As automatic floor scrubbers have a system that dispenses the cleaning solution & vacuums while cleaning, these machines can easily leave the floors foot traffic dry right after they are scrubbed. These cleaning machines will allow the work to be completed in busy facilities with less inconvenience (compared to traditional cleaning methods) & in much less time.
  2. What is the type of floor to be cleaned?
    Different businesses have different floor types. Commonly, the warehouses have bare concrete or epoxy flooring; building lobby, stores, schools and hospitals have vinyl or ceramic tile flooring. It is very important to consider the floor type you will be cleaning prior to buying a floor scrubber, as the floor scrubbing brush or pad required to clean the floor, will greatly affect the performance.
  3. What is the kind of dirt to be cleaned?
    Also, the different nature of business will generate different kinds of dirt. From fine dust residue to oil marks, floor cleaning machines can perform a light surface cleaning or can reach very small slits/pores providing a deep cleaning result. Some models will sweep, scrub or both.
  4. What is the size of the area to be cleaned?
    The size of your machine needs to be compatible with the size of your facility. Large open areas will demand big machines, while smaller areas or areas with many obstacles will demand more compact machines that will allow more maneuverability in tight or congested areas. You can find in the market the following types of floor scrubber machines:
    • Upright Floor Scrubber: a very compact machine that applies well to high traffic and small areas. It is a more effective, productive, safe and hygienic option when compared with traditional cleaning methods such as mop and bucket.
    • Walk-behind Floor Scrubber: a machine that offers a considerable capacity for the cleaning solution that optimizes the scrubbing while collecting the dirty water in the same pass. This model is effective as it cleans and dries in the same movement. (Pad-assisted machines) do not require much effort and provide fast results.
    • Ride-on Floor Scrubber: a machine that offers the best performance for larger areas. It is certainly recommended for large open spaces. Its effectiveness relates to its ease of maneuverability in large spaces and time-saving due to the floor cleaning machines wide scrub path.

Now that you understand better your needs and the variety of floor cleaning machine types, you will be able to make the right decision!