Robotic Floor Cleaning Machines

The Future of Cleaning

When you hear the words “Robotic Floor Cleaning Machine” what do you envision? Most people think of Rumbas – and they’re not completely wrong, merely off scale. Imagine a massive Rumba that’s not only smarter, but faster, more efficient, and has a groundbreaking number of innovative features. That ladies and gentleman is what we in the cleaning industry recognize as a “Robotic Floor Cleaning Machine”.

Floor Cleaning Machine Questions

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In these constantly evolving times, companies are quickly recognizing the impact that robotics can have on making their businesses cleaner, safer and more efficient by simply implementing cleaning robotics. Staff can focus on other areas of importance while these machines clean, spray, and sanitize high traffic areas without the need of supervision. And yes- you did read that right. Not only do these machines not need an operator to oversee them, they do what your typical autonomous floor cleaning machine can do (sweep, scrub, and suck up all sorts of gunk) WHILE also being able to spray and disinfect higher up surfaces such as water fountains, door handles, tables, and more! Some machines even have UV lights built in which have been praised for their ability to destroy and deactivate all kinds of pathogens (such as viruses, bacteria, mold, and fungus). This has become an immensely popular form of disinfecting in the last couple of years due to the Coronavirus pandemic. We’ve seen all sorts of new technologies and devices coming out that implement UV lights- who would have thought robotic floor cleaning machines would be one of those revolutionary inventions.

Other benefits of robotic cleaning machines include: 

  • Increased productivity
  • Reduction in cleaning costs (employee labour costs, cleaning material costs, etc.)
  • Allowing employees to perform high-valued tasks instead of wasting energy on manual tasks
  • Enhanced facility image by improving cleanliness with consistent performance and streak-free floors
  • Improved safety and reduced human error
  • Simple, worry-free implementation in various fields and industries, such as healthcare, aviation, education, warehouses, retail, and many more!

Robotic cleaning machines can help you quickly address labour challenges and maintain high standards of cleaning with an ingenious solution that’s designed to work safely and efficiently alongside employees, customers/guests, even alongside other machinery.

These robots work brilliantly in any environment. They can manage and maneuver in busy, high traffic areas such as airports and shopping malls, or quietly navigate in sound sensitive areas such as active education environments. The ingenuity of these Robotic cleaning machines is unmatched. No amount of elbow grease and time can do what these cleaning machines do (and in that time frame). These machines will prove their value and practically pay for themselves after the first clean.

At FLOOR SCRUBBER TORONTO, we proudly service all of Canada, offering new & like new (refurbished) floor cleaning machines from top-of-the-line brands such as Tennant, Nobles, Mendel, and many more!

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